Chimi Brgr
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Chimi Brgr

Lawrence, United States

Date created: 31 March 22

Last updated: 7 April 23

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  • Service type: Restaurant
  • Address: 450 Rockaway Turnpike Lawrence, NY 11516
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    General information


    Chimi BRGR - onion, special sauce

    Chimi Fancy - onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, special sauce

    Chimi Chimi - double burger, onion, special sauce

    Chimichili BRGR - patty, chili, onion, special sauce

    Chimi Jr - smaller patty, onion, special sauce




    Chili Fries


    Vanilla Shake

    Strawberry Shake


    Vanilla Cup

    Chocolate Cup

    No Menu available

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    שעה (ות
    ראשון - חמישי
    11:00 - 21:45
    יוֹם שִׁישִׁי
    11:00 - 13:45

    • Restaurant


      Kosher information
      Kosher Type:
      Food and Dining


      About us

      Kosher Lawrence



      Kids, it’s diner time! That’s right, a diner! Diners are a rarity in the kosher world. After his success with the popular fast-food joint Chimichurri Charcoal, owner Tzvika decided it was time to expand into the untapped market of the kosher diner. He opened Chimi Brgr in February of 2021.

      This place is right out of Happy Days with red and white tiles on the walls and floors. It’s got that old diner charm. All it needs is a jukebox. The food is classic diner fare. Customers can eat a smashed burger with faux cheese (American or cheddar), scarf down some chili fries, and top it off with a “milk” shake (vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate). Whether you’re dipping the fries in the shake or sipping from it with two straws, it’s the classic diner experience with traditional diner food. The shakes are handspun and made with the finest USDA-certified plant-based ice cream (which you can also order to dip your fry in). The dairy is fake, but the meat is 100% genuine American beef delivered daily and freshly ground by the butcher on staff throughout the day. The fries are never frozen but hand-cut from freshly selected Idaho potatoes.

      Besides the atmosphere and food, one of the biggest draws a diner has been its low prices. Chimi Brgr is affordable. You can get an entire meal (burger, shake, fries) for as little as $20. The food travels well, making it perfect for delivery or takeout, both of which Chimi Brgr offers. Either way, you get the whole diner experience.

      You can place an order while at Chimichurri Charcoal Chicken next door or go on the chicken website and order from Chimi Burger at the same time.

      For those who’ve lamented the lack of kosher diners, your time has come. It’s Chimi time!


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