Laffa Bar and Grill
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Laffa Bar and Grill

Hewlett, United States

Date created: 31 March '22

Last updated: 13 June '22

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  • Address: 1326 Peninsula Blvd Hewlett, New York 11557
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Welcome to Laffa Bar & Grill

Discover Fusion Cuisine

Here at Laffa Bar and Grill we believe that fresh homemade food cooked using old style techniques is the best! We pride ourselves on our quality locally sourced produce. Glatt Kosher, chicken and beef, freshness is guaranteed! There’s a reason why our shawarma, grilled meats, burgers and daily fresh cut salads taste so good!

It’s because we understand how important fresh food and flavors are, which is why we do not hide any of our ingredients. Many nutrition consultants and dietitians recommend a Mediterranean diet, and you will get to enjoy these lovely health benefits from eating at Laffa Bar and Grill. We are one of the best kosher restaurant in Hewlett NY, Five towns area.

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  • Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 10PM
  • Friday : 9AM–2PM (2 hours before Shabbos)
  • Saturday: Open Motza’ei Shabbat from Rabainu Tam until 11:30pm


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  • Restaurant
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Kosher Hewlett



When you’re feeling like a taste of Eretz Yisroel in Long Island, be sure to check out Laffa Bar & Grill in the Five Towns!

Laffa Bar & Grill was taken over by new owners in January 2019 and has continued with the Middle Eastern menu and added a few Bukharian inspired dishes such as plov and dumplings.

The restaurant is still family friendly, but with white tablecloths, a mural of Israel on the wall, an expanded menu, and a veteran hands-on management, Laffa Bar has a classic atmosphere. This is now the only sit down, full-service Middle Eastern meat place in the area and just 10 minutes from Central Avenue - not only is the need present, Laffa Bar fulfills all expectations and beyond!


The majority of the menu is standard Middle Eastern fare, like shawarma and kebabs. They also have Bucharian cuisine, including bakhsh (which is rice with parsley, as well as hand cut beef and lamb) and samsas, dumplings filled with chopped onions and beef, served with a tomato sauce.

On Fridays be sure to check out Laffa Bar’s take home buffet. The food is a sure fire crowd pleaser, for any Shabbat you just don’t feel like cooking. They might just become a staple to your Shabbos meals!

Be sure to fulfill you shawarma craving with Laffa Bar & Grill!


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