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מחוז נסאו, ניו יורק, USA

Date created: 31 March 22

Last updated: 16 October 23

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  • Service type: Restaurant
  • Address: 310 Central Avenue Lawrence, New York 11559
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    Modern, High End Israeli Cuisine

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      Food and Dining

      Vaad of Five Towns 

      About us

      For a taste of the city and the Middle East on Long Island, look no further than Mur! Mur merges classic Mediterranean flavor and urban upscale presentation… and achieves its iconic name from the fusion! Smooth wood finishes to the walls and floors give Mur a sophisticatedly rustic feel, while exposed lighting and verdant plant accents make the space feel fresh yet intimate. And while we tend to highlight the food the most (after all, we’re Great Kosher Foodies), we can’t talk about Mur without giving a shout-out to the attentive wait-staff and customer service. 

      The menu changes regularly - with the best produce of the season and the creativity of the chefs. However, there are some things that remain the same: the quality, the depth of flavor, and the bright, warm color palette of the food. 

      For those who like to try a little of everything, Mur’s starter menu is extensive and bright. Even the bread and dips is a work of art with house-made pita and an array of salatim - or go the meat route right away with the Short Rib Flatbread, Carmel Market Arayes with amba relish, or the Balagan (aka, open-flame ribs with spices and amba). For a unique and flavorful punch, try the Eggplant Carpaccio - a perfect blend of sweet and savory with raw tahini, honey, chili, pistachio, and mint. Night of Morocco showcases deep-fried sea bass in tapioca batter, red and yellow pepper cream and gremolata fries. 


      But the show truly begins with the starters! The Golan Heights - lamb chops - are roasted in mint crumble and topped over broad bean spread, parsley and garlic salsa. The house Hanger Steak is marinated in citrus and grilled, and served with shmiji mushroom, toasted garlic mashed potatoes, herbs, crispy garlic, and a mushroom demi glaze. And for those who want it light - and iconically Israeli - Mur has a special chicken dish called the Coo-Koo-Ri-Koo, which is a roasted half chicken in sumac and lemon, served with walnuts, barley mushrooms and fresh herbs.

      Accent your evening with a glass of wine or one of Mur’s signature cocktails - like the Caribbean Island, Beautiful Day, or Late night at Mur. You can also order your classic faves such as a Moscow Mule or Mezcal Old Fashioned. A toast to a great meal!










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