Tempura NYC (Cassa Hotel)
Accomodation ID f98817

Tempura NYC (Cassa Hotel)

New York, United States

Date created: 3 May '22

Last updated: 24 May '22

At a glance

  • Service type: Restaurant
  • Address: 511 9th Ave Manhattan, NY 10018
  • Telephone : Show number

General information

Daily fresh Sushi

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Sunday - Thursday: 5pm -10pm

Friday- Closed

Saturday: 9:00pm - 1-am

  • Restaurant
    Kosher information
    Kosher Authority: under the strict supervision OK
    Kosher Type:
    Food and Dining

    under the strict srs=w:600,h:300,cg:trueupervision OK

    About us

    Kosher New York




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