Summer Tour of Prague Vienna Bratislava and Budapest
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Summer Tour of Prague Vienna Bratislava and Budapest

Pre Labor Day

Prague, Czechia

Date created: 4 March 19

Last updated: 19 May 23

At a glance

  • Starting at: Prague, Czechia
  • Arriving: Prague, Czechia
  • Number of nights: 8 (with an optional 4 day extension visiting Hungarian Shtettlach and kivrei Tzadikim)
  • Kashrut Authority: Local Kosher La'mehadrin establishments
Bein Hazmanim Tours

General information

We at Bein Hazmanim Tours greatly appreciate your interest in our Summer Tour, and offer you our heartfelt blessings that you succeed in all of your endeavors beyond your wildest imagination. The 8 day Tour will cover the city’s of Prague, Vienna, Bratislava (Pressburg), and Budapest. During the optional tour extension until Sunday September 1 st , we will be visiting the magnificent Tokay Region, Hungarian Shtettlach and kivrei Tzadikim, the mesmerizing Danube Bend, culminating the tour with an uplifting Shabbos in Budapest. This tour is geared for couples, mature singles, and families with young adults.

B.H.T. applies a unique approach paired with extensive research to offer you an unforgettable and exciting once in a lifetime experience. Every effort is made to offer you a tour that is both affordable and enjoyable. The daily “full day” itinerary covers many popular attractions and sights, as well as extremely relevant “off the beaten track” sights, together with a special focus on our glorious Jewish Heritage. Tour as a small group from a unique vantage point unlike those typically offered by other tours. Learn about and experience the sights, neighborhoods, and communities, while connecting to the glorious chain of history created by our ancestors.

Travel through the history of the Jewish communities that resided in the once mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire. Be inspired at the kever of the Ksav Sofer and his father the Chasam Sofer in Bratislava, found today in an underground bunker, and hear it's amazing story. Join the Tefilos in spectacular prewar Shuls in existence today. Visit monuments memorializing the communities that once were, destroyed by the Nazis and their cohorts. Relive the rescue efforts of Raul Wallenberg while meandering into the international ghetto, that was a small island in a sea of insanity.

Trek the hidden city of Budapest touring the underground labyrinth and dungeon on Castle Hill. Be mesmerized by the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, it’s vast gardens, and mazes. Tour the medieval Old Town of Prague, and enjoy a special viewing of the intricate Astronomical Clock. Daven in the very Shul of the Maharal MiPrague, and at his Kever in the Old Beis Hakvaros of Prague. Appreciate the legacy of Reb Shimshon Wertheimer, the “King of the Jews” in Austro-Hungary, visiting his kever on his Yartzeit.

Enjoy an unforgettable Shabbos in Vienna, davening in the beautiful Shtadtt Temple Shul and. Be captivated and inspired by many stories and Divrei Torah from the exceptional communities, Rabbanim and Rebbes of Austro-Hungary before the war, while enjoying delicious Shabbos seudos.

8 לילות בבתי מלון מפוארים במיקום מרכזי, (זמינים חדרים וסוויטות גדולים במיוחד על פי בקשה).

Kosher information
Kosher Authority: Local Kosher La'mehadrin establishments
Food and dining

Delicious local cuisine on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner) with packed lunches,

Dates and Information

Davening with Minyanim, Glatt Kosher, and Chalav Yisroel meals, all Shabbos issues in the hotel are arranged La'mehadrin

Date 1: 20/08/2019

המחיר עבור חבילת הקרקע המלאה של 8 ימים (לא כולל מחיר טיסה) הוא 2,690 דולר בלבד לאדם.

מי שנרשם לפני ה-1 ביוני יקבלו הנחה של %5.

הנחה נוספת של 150$ לכל הפניה, כולל בן/בת זוג.


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Kosher Prague

Maline Avrohom


We are a small company offering small group and private tours. Our goal is to offer a daily full day itinerary covering many popular local attractions and sites, with a special focous on our glorious Jewish heritage, creating an exciting and uplifting experience. Nothing is more important to us then very satisfied customers, leaving with many everlasting memories, and building friendships that last a lifetime.


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