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Prague, Czechia

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  • Starting at: Prague, Czechia
  • Arriving: Prague, Czechia
  • Number of nights: 8
  • Kashrut Authority: Glatt Kosher
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General information

The Czech Republic is dubbed, “The Heart of Europe.” Beginning in the late 6th Century, its historical eastern section—the Empire of Great Moravia—ruled over a significant chunk of Central and Eastern Europe. Later, after adopting Christianity in the 9th Century, the independent Bohemian Kingdom rose, ultimately becoming the economic and political superpower of Europe. Between the 13th and 15th centuries, after discovering substantial amounts of silver ore, the Czech kings ruled over the continental throne of the Holy Roman Empire. At that time, the kingdom’s border stretched from the Baltic Sea to Venice. The Czechs had invented and spread the idea of church reformation in the 15th century after a set of a horrific religious wars with the rest of Europe. Consequently, they became the first nation to be recognized as a sovereign protestant people—only to slip into a bitter civil war and be swallowed by a next-door rising power – the Habsburg Empire – into which the Czech nation was incorporated until the end of WWI.


Between 1918 and 1938, the First Czechoslovak Republic existed, an economically and politically advanced state, which represented an island of democracy, tolerance and free-thinking against the sea of European fascist and anti-Semitic dictatorships. Because of the most shameful and cowardice betrayal from its allies in 1938, in the so-called “Munich Agreement,“ Czechoslovakia – and all it had represented – fell as the very first prey to Hitler in a prelude to WWII. Thousands of Czech Jews joined the armed resistance in the Allied armies to fight for liberation of their homeland and against Hitler. Tragically, most of the Czech and Slovak Jewry were not so lucky, and the community was wiped out with 300,000 people murdered in the Holocaust.


After WWII, many Jewish communities within Czechoslovakia were renewed, thanks to the influx of Jews who came back from emigration or who fought in the armed resistance. Immediately after the war, as per the experience the country and its people endured, Czechoslovakia became the main supporter of the newly born Israel, shipping tons of weapons, planes, ammunition and even troops to the young state.


The Czechoslovak Jewish community suffered greatly under Nazi, and then Communist, regimes. A century ago, about 400 synagogues stood in what is now the Czech Republic. Starting with the Nazi occupation of border areas in 1938, about 70 synagogues, many of them prominent ornate buildings, were destroyed by the end of the war. The Nazis all but eradicated more than 150 provincial Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia. Under the post-war communist regime, about 105 synagogues in these towns were demolished. Most of the others were converted for other use (about 40 were turned into churches and an additional 48 converted into residences). Many were used as warehouses or stood empty and neglected throughout the communist period.


Today, at least 145 synagogue buildings stand in cities, towns and villages in all parts of the Czech Republic. Only a few are active houses of worship, but dozens have been beautifully restored and serve as museums or other cultural venues. In addition, there are more than 300 Jewish cemeteries. Many date back centuries, and some have been designated as cultural landmarks. Traces of former Jewish quarters still exist in 180 cities, towns and villages across the country.


As of now, from the pre-WWII number of 350,000 Jews, there are only about 3,000 registered Jews that remain in the Czech Republic, although the real number is estimated at between 15,000 and 50,000 unregistered. Most big cities, such as Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Teplice, Liberec, Pilsen and Karlsbad, have functioning Jewish communities. Join Kosher X on a 4- to 8-day private, guided journey of Prague and the Czech Republic, as we explore its past history and Jewish heritage, and its continued modern day resurrection. With expert guides and historians, gain access to unique sites off the beaten path, including meetings with leaders and representatives of the region’s Jewish communities.


Join Kosher X on a 4- to 8-day private, guided journey of Prague and the Czech Republic, as we explore its past history and Jewish heritage, and its continued modern day resurrection. With expert guides and historians, gain access to unique sites off the beaten path, including meetings with leaders and representatives of the region’s Jewish communities.


Prague Program

4 days (Wednesday to Sunday)


Day 1 (Wednesday) - Arrival: Upon arrival at the Prague airport, you will be met by your Kosher X staff. You will transfer to your hotel for dinner and orientation.


Day 2 (Thursday) - Royal Prague: In the heart of Europe, set in a charming valley on both banks of the Vltava River, lies one of the oldest royal capitals in the world—Prague—the “Golden City” and the “Heart of Europe.” One of the world’s most charming cities, it is a once-in-a-lifetime must see. A living museum of architecture, with its wealth of monuments, a city filled with history, culture, music, romance and nostalgia – as well as a pulsating and modern European city filled with life. Since 1992, the historical core of the city covering 866 hectares has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Explore the ancient crown capital of mighty European emperors and one of the most important cities in Jewish history. You will visit the beautiful complex of the Prague Castle with a stunning view of the city, walk the cobble-stone lanes and passageways of colorful baroque houses at the Lesser Town, cross the 750-year- old gothic Charles Bridge stretching over the Vltava River, as well as one of the oldest commercial crossroads in the world – the Old Town Square, with its famous Astronomical Clockwork from the 1400’s.


Day 3: (Friday) – Jewish Prague: This day begins with a visit to the world-famous Prague Jewish Town, known as Josefov. This part of the Prague Old Town was an independent Jewish enclave between the 13th and 19th Centuries. And one of the largest and most important centers of Jewish life in medieval Europe. Maharal, Kafka, Freud, Herzl and Einstein once lived, thought, taught, created and walked the streets of this district. We will take a detailed tour of the Jewish Museum of Prague, during which we will closely examine all aspects of Ashkenazi medieval life, as well as comprehend the path to Jewish emancipation of which Prague was the cradle – and which was brutally ended in the tragic experience of the Shoah during WWII. We also will learn about the crucial role that post-war Czechoslovakia played during the establishment of the State of Israel. Return to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat with the Jewish community of Prague at its famous synagogues.


Day 4 (Shabbat) – Shabbat in Prague: Shabbat with the local Jewish community with davening in the oldest functioning shul in the world, the 700- year-old Altneu Shul, or the magnificent art noveau Jubilee Temple, is truly a unique experience and a highlight of your journey. Afternoon walking tour or walk at your leisure.


Day 5 (Sunday) - Departure *Optional evening activities include Jewish history lectures, evening performances at the Prague Opera House, Municipal House, Black Light Theatre, and numerous other musical venues.


Possible extra activities to do in Prague:


Czech Republic Tour Extensions

Tour extensions are day tours from Prague and divided by region. Extension are custom developed with each group, based on length of stay and group interests. Kosher X is proud to be a contributor to the Czech Jewish Federation “10 Stars Program” Revitalization of Jewish Historic Buildings in the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to create a centrally coordinated and methodically managed network of ten regional cultural and educational centers of Jewish culture, which will showcase the unique cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. Regional centers of Jewish culture will be created in seven regions in the following locations: Úštěk, Jičín, Brandýs nad Labem, Plzeň, Březnice, Nová Cerekev, Polná, Boskovice, Mikulov and Krnov. The project is co-financed by the EU and the European Fund for Regional Development.

Military Tank Drive

Balloon Flight over Prague

Museum of Communism and Nuclear Bunker

Prague Underground Dungeons

Brewery Tours

Cable Car, Mirror Maze & Lookout Tower

Paddle Boat

Riverboat Cruise with Jazz Music

Franz Kafka Museum

National Gallery

Jazz Club

Black Theatre




Prague Only Program

Day 1: Arrival, Introduction & Orientation

Day 2: Royal Prague

Day 3: Jewish Prague

Day 4: Jewish Prague, Shabbat in Prague

Day 5: Departure 


Best of Prague & The Czech Republic (short driving)

Day 1 We: Prague - Arrival Day

Day 2 Th: Prague - Royal Prague

Day 3 Fr: Prague - Jewish Prague

Day 4 Sa: Prague - Shabbat

Day 5 Su: Trebic, Brno, Polna

Day 6 Mo: Theresienstadt, Ustek

Day 7 Tu: Pilsen, Karlsbad

Day 8: We: Depart


Prague & Imperial Europe (longer drives)

Day 1 We: Prague - Arrival Day

Day 2 Th: Prague - Royal Prague

Day 3 Fr: Prague - Jewish Prague

Day 4 Sa: Prague - Shabbat

Day 5 Su: Pilsen

Day 6 Mo: Theresienstadt, Dresden

Day 7 Tu: Mikulov, Vienna (optional overnight Vienna, departure Vienna)

Day 8: We: Depart


*Each tour is custom developed per request. Pricing for our 8-day program begins at $2890 per person, based on 20+ or more participants. Final price depends on total number of participants, level of accommodations, time of year and availability. Tours are available for 2 or more people.


Kosher information
Kosher Authority: Glatt Kosher
Food and dining

All glatt kosher meals.

Dates and Information

Our all-inclusive tous include: Full time Kosher X tour leaders & guides, accommodations, program, entrance fees, transportation & transfers, all glatt kosher meals, shabbat program with the local Jewish community.

אנא התקשרו לקבלת מסלול מפורט והצעת מחיר עבור הקבוצה שלכם. התמחור יהיה תלוי במספר המשתתפים, מסלול הטיול, רמת הלינה, זמינות וזמן שנת הנסיעה.

*כל סיור פותח בהתאמה אישית לפי בקשה. התמחור עבור תוכנית 8 הימים שלנו מתחיל ב-$2890 לאדם, על בסיס 20+ משתתפים או יותר. המחיר הסופי תלוי במספר הכולל של המשתתפים, רמת הלינה, הזמן בשנה וזמינות. סיורים זמינים עבור 2 אנשים או יותר.


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