A Summer Experience in Sefraus Austria 2019
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A Summer Experience in Sefraus Austria 2019

Best Summer Of Your Life!

Serfaus, Austria

Date created: 11 June 19

Last updated: 4 April 23

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  • Starting at: Serfaus, Austria
  • Arriving: Serfaus, Austria
  • Number of nights:
  • Kashrut Authority: Rabbi D.S. Zoldan the Dayan of the Seret-Vishnitz
Tour Olam

General information

There are tens of marked paths around the village for walking or bicycle tours.  During these tours you will be exposed to an abundance of plants growing in the green surroundings and you will feel that you are drowning in a sea of flowers and a sea of experiences!  You can also take the cable car up to the peaks of the surrounding mountains and stand in awe at the splendor of G-d's creation.
There is the possibility of renting a bicycle for personal or family riding.  A riding counselor will guide you to the maximum enjoyment from the marked paths. The free cable car excess will bring you to attractions on the mountains like boggling, mini sking, water games and more
Serfaus also serves as a starting point for a variety of tours in the area: A visit to the Silbergbergwerk Schwaz silver mines, the Swarovski crystal factory, royal castles, Linau on the BodenSee, and the towering Zugspitze Mountain.
An enchanting village bustling with life and with ample activities, the perfect location for tours – what more could you wants?
Didn't we say it's "the activity center of the Tirol Mountains"?

מלון Alte Schmide, שיארח את אורחינו בחופשת הקיץ הקרובה, ממוקם במרכז הכפר ליד מרכזי הקניות ורכבת התחתית.
המלון המפואר **** (ארבעה כוכבים) Alte Schmide כולל ציוד מודרני מתקדם. בכל חדרי המלון חדרי רחצה ומקלחות פרטיים, מייבש שיער, טלוויזיה, טלפון וכספת. יש לובי מהמם עם אינטרנט אלחוטי, בית כנסת, חדרי אוכל, סאונה, ג'קוזי, כושר, חדר משחקים לילדים, ביליארד וטניס.
יש מגוון חדרים לאירוח משפחות, סוויטות מפוארות מרווחות וחדרים בגדלים שונים. אתה יכול לבחור את החדר המתאים לך ולמשפחתך.

Kosher information
Kosher Authority: Rabbi D.S. Zoldan the Dayan of the Seret-Vishnitz
Food and dining

All the Flavors of Indulgence: Gourmet with Tour Olam
Before, during and after all the attractions, trips, experiences and views – there is another meaningful experience waiting for you. Tour Olam will give you an experience of taste and abundance that only the Feder family’s guests are familiar with: indulgent and creative meals that complement your enjoyment and undoubtedly justify our motto: “Global Indulgence.”

We will start the morning with a rich breakfast offering a particularly wide variety of delicious salads, breads, dairy and more. You are invited to treat yourself with a good meal to start a great day, and to take a delicious, filling packed meal with you for an experience-filled trip today.
In the evening, when you return satisfied and tired to the hotel, Tour Olam’s skilled and dedicated staff will be waiting for you with a hot, indulgent and scrumptious meal fit for kings: fine gourmet cuisine, a variety of flavors and aromas, desserts that will surprise you again and again with each flavor they offer.
The hotel has a 24-hour open bar offering hot beverages and cakes.
Kashrut and quality: Our kitchen is under the strict supervision of Rabbi David Shlomo Zoldan, Shlita, Dayan of the Seret Vishnitz community in Haifa.

Dates and Information

Prayers, torah lessons, social activities, Sabbath with homelike atmosphere, delicious food with the most grand validation and in abundance, trip plans, lot of will and all the experience will be at your service to make your stay pleasant.



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Kosher Serfaus



We can not pack the suitcase for you, but take care that once you get on the plane until you return to your home, enjoy every moment, that we can do!

For 25 years we have been doing this at Tur World, the professional and veteran company in the organization of vacations for the religious and haredi public around the world. Thousands of satisfied customers will testify to this.


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