Custom Colored Hats
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Custom Colored Hats

A Line Of Rebishe Kulpiks & Spodiks

Antwerpen, United States

Date created: 8 March '22

Last updated: 16 December '22

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customcolored hats

General information

Welcome to a site that's just loaded with 'hattitude.' If you want to add shtick and shebang to your Hats, you found the perfect place: Custom Colored Hats! Let your head do the talking for you - with detailed, delightfully designed, hand made, hats, and matching jackets - tailored to suit your personal specifications. Any size, any style, any color, any price - we add a touch of playful pizzazz to your standard wardrobe.

Perfect for Weddings, for Birthday Parties, for Magic Shows, for Halloween or any performance, these hats will wow any crowd.

We'll get your message across: your name, your logo, your monogram, your motto - anything you can think of, emblazoned in bold, beautiful color. Our fur and felt artistry will astound you! There's nothing we can't craft or customize. Just imagine it… and we'll create it!

At 'Custom Colored Hats,' we can perform hundreds of hat tricks, to make monogram magic on your head.

Here's an innovative idea: Let us dress your storefront mannequins in the headgear you design, the concept you develop, and the window you display - and watch customers' heads turn!

Please feel free to browse through our incredible selection already in stock, throughout this web site. I gotta go. (I need to hunt and skin a couple hundred more minks...)

About us

Kosher Antwerpen



With more than 20 years of art experience, we at 'Custom Colored Hats' offer a unique and unusual service to the unconventional and un-conservative consumer. If you have an 'out-of-the-(hat)-box' sense of style, a healthy dose of wacky wit, or a flair for alternative advertising, it's about time you visited our 'head'quarters.

We make custom, hand made, hats and matching jackets featuring the message, or the pattern, of your choice. Make a statement! We currently have themes that range from piano keys to puppy-paw prints, from a three-tiered birthday cake to kaki army fatigues, from kingly golden crowns to the proud red, white, and blue. (Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.) Simply stated, we've got headgear that will grab everyone's hattention! Perfect for Halloween, for birthday parties, for Magic Shows, or any kind of performance, these hats will wow any crowd.

Our eye-opening, jaw-dropping Hats, hats and jackets make the perfect window dressing as well. If you need an original, innovative way to make your storefront the 'main hattraction,' just give us a buzz. At 'Colored Hats,' we'll adorn and decorate your store window, so that all who pass by will do a double take. Your merchandise will be so distinctly displayed, customers will head right in your direction. Don't let this radical advertising opportunity pass you by! Contact us for 'fur'ther info.

Have a happy, healthy, hearty, hatty day!


  • USA


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