Cheap in the city
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Cheap in the city

New York, United States

USD 40/day

Date created: 30 December '18

At a glance

  • Type: Apartment
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Pricing from: USD 40/day
  • Min. number of nights:
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Area size:
  • Floor level:
Kosher New York
Cheap in Manhattan

General information

Cheap in Manhattan!!

4 min walk to Yeshiva University

5 minute bus ride to Columbia Medical Center

20 minute train ride to City Center via the A-Train or 1-Train

Laundromat and dry cleaning - 4 min walk

Minyanim in neighborhood every hour, בזמניהם:

13 minute train ride to Columbia University and City College of NY

I am fluent in Hebrew, and my roommate is a native French speaker.

  • TV
  • No Smoking allowed
  • Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioning
  • Near Synagogue
Extra amenities

  • Minyanim in neighborhood every hour, בזמניהם:

  • Kosher Kitchen
  • Glatt Kosher
  • Kosher Passover Kitchen
  • Succa

Religious information


Dates and Information

  • All year round
  • Purim
  • Ski & snow
  • Shavuoth
  • Sukkot
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Pesach
  • Other


Starts from: USD 40/day

$26 for every additional person.

Kosher New York

Cheap in, Manhattan
Contact person:Cheap in Manhattan


I am an AirBnb host residing in Manhattan.

I charge $40 a night, MEN ONLY. 
+$26 per night for each additional person.

My apartment is a 4 minute walk from Yeshiva University, a 15 minute walk to Columbia Medical Center, and a 20 minute subway ride from Midtown.


I am fluent in Hebrew, while my roommate is a native French speaker.

As soon as the admins approve my listing, I will post further details. 
Until then, you can Whatsapp me at US# 19175958519 to inquire about staying in my apartment.


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