The Simcha Ballroom Villa
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The Simcha Ballroom Villa

Lakewood Township, United States

USD 750/day

Date created: 20 February '19

Last updated: 22 February '19

At a glance

  • Type: Villa
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Sleeps: 24
  • Pricing from: USD 750/day
  • Min. number of nights:
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Area size:
  • Floor level: 1
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General information

Get ready to “tour” the most unique property you have ever encountered, conveniently located in the heart of Lakewood. With room to accommodate twenty-four guests overnight and seating capacity to host a party of up to seventy-four, a stay in the Simcha Ballroom Villa will be the most-celebrated and talked-about experience as soon as the word spreads.           

In this first section we will describe the sleeping accommodations, after which you will read about the Simcha hall and shuls that are connected to this eight-bedroom villa, providing the key to arranging a large family gathering, all under one roof.

The Villa

Enter your private eight-bedroom home on the ground floor.  Immediately to your right is a bedroom with two twin beds and a closet.  Right next door is a guest half-bath, sleekly decorated in black-wave tiles against a backdrop of white fixtures and grey-and-white flooring.  This is followed by one closet with room enough for everyone’s coats and bags and another closet for storing linens and pillows.

Opposite is a large combined formal living and dining room.  A sink-in grey microfiber wraparound couch with end-chaise seats eight to ten guests easily, and some serious debates can be held utilizing the vast selection of Torah sources you will find in the seforim shrank located nearby. An over-sized dining table is surrounded by sixteen comfortable chairs and, for the rest of the family, there are extra tables and folding chairs in a side closet.  Copious natural as well as LED lighting throughout this dual-purpose room make it conducive for “family time,” both by day as well as night.

On this level you will also find a large eat-in kitchen.  Two sets each of gas cooktops and ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and sinks, along with a large French-door refrigerator, are ideal for preparing and setting out meals for a large crowd.  An abundance of upper and lower cabinets plus a separate pantry area stores lots of groceries.  A starter set of paper goods and plastic cutlery is already in place for your initial meal in your guest residence.  Although most of the dining will take place in the formal dining room, the kitchen has its own glass square table and eight leather chairs, and is perfect for quick breakfasts and lunches, especially for the little ones.

Opposite the kitchen is a den with a plush leather couch.  A wall-to-wall closet hidden by four doors provides plenty of room for games and toys.  The wood-floored room serves as the ideal location for the little ones to play with their Legos and blocks while the grownups are spending quality time in the living and dining room area.

Step up one flight of carpeted stairs to the second floor that houses five bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a laundry center.  Each bedroom has large closets so guests can unpack in their own rooms and not have to “borrow space” from another bedroom.  Both upstairs guest bathrooms are decorated with white glossy railroad-style tiles and have unusual grey-motif flooring.  The overall color scheme matches the downstairs level with grey and taupe carpeting in the public areas, wood flooring in the bedrooms, and varying shades of grey on all of the walls. 

To the left you will find three bedrooms.  The first one has both a hi-riser and a twin bed, accommodating up to three guests. This is followed by a large laundry room painted in bright eye-catching red, equipped with an extra-large capacity front-loading washer and dryer, three hampers, a mud-sink, and plenty of space to hang and fold large quantities of clothes.

Two additional bedrooms are on this side of the second-floor level, one with a hi-riser and a twin bed, plus a large crib, the other with two 48-inch beds.  Each has a nightstand with a Shabbos lamp already set up for you.

A full bathroom with shower/tub combo is conveniently placed right next to these bedrooms.

On the other side of the stairway is the master suite, a fifth bedroom, and an additional full bath. 

The master bedroom has two queen-size beds with beautiful taupe-colored leather headboards, leather benches at the foot of each bed, a nightstand, and a matching leather couch for late-night reading.  A huge walk-in closet is filled with drawers, open shelving, and plenty of hanging space. An en-suite bathroom, decorated in unique marbleized grey-and-white tiles, has an elongated shower along with toilet and vanity.  With two other bathrooms on this floor, there is no need to have to share with anyone else.

The final bedroom on this level has a twin-size hi-riser and a large crib.  A bathroom next door to it has a tub/shower combo, convenient for both baby and parents staying in this fifth bedroom.

One level above this are sleeping accommodations for up to nine more guests, plus an additional full bath, all decorated in the same color scheme as the rest of the villa.

Just off the stair level is a large landing with a hi-riser. The first additional bedroom leading off of the large foyer on this top level has a twin hi-riser plus a twin-size bed. There is a pack `n play in this room and a large closet, as well.  The second bedroom features two twin beds plus a couch that pulls open into a full-size bed, perfect for a teenager or two smaller children.

A full bathroom with a shower/tub combo is on this level, avoiding possible middle-of-the-night jaunts downstairs.

Stepping back down two flights to the main level is the doorway leading to the Simcha Hall and all that it offers.

The Simcha Hall and connecting Shuls

Underground on one level, connected to the villa by a series of doors and hallways, you will encounter an amazing array of options.

A beautiful Simcha Hall decorated in gold and black awaits you.  With seating for up to seventy-four guests, it is posh and yet warm and inviting at the same time.  Gold “simcha” chairs, round dining tables, two washing stations, and gilded walls set the perfect backdrop for a Bar Mitzvah celebration, Shabbos Sheva Brachos, intimate wedding meal, or gala family reunion. 

A commercial kitchen, located just around the corner from the dining area, has heating resources, refrigeration, and stainless counters – perfect for any caterer who is hired to handle the entire affair.

A chassidishe “nusach-sefard” shtiebel situated just past the Simcha Hall area hosts daily minyanim throughout the week.  Stocked with seforim and Chumashim and with daily shiurim taking place, it is perfect for guests of the villa who want to listen in and be a part of a minyan without having to step outdoors.  On Shabbos, it provides a perfect quiet spot in the afternoon for the men, allowing the children the run of the dining hall for their afternoon Shabbos games.

One flight up is another shul with a sefardic minyan. Guests of the villa are welcome to attend and can gain an appreciation for their different customs as they daven and sing along to their unique tunes and listen to the Torah leining with the Torah scroll “standing” in front.  There is a women’s section as well, with a one-directional glass mechitza.

If you prefer other davening options, the Stolin Shul is across the street and many other minyanim are just a few steps away.

The Simcha Ballroom Villa is located within walking distance of five other rental properties managed by Lakewood Hosts.  Anyone planning a large gathering can take advantage of this and host up to sixty guests in total, all within an eight- to ten-minute walk.

Davening, eating, sleeping all in the same venue, and enjoying some special private family time for a group so large, is an opportunity that has never before been offered under one roof.

Call us for a private tour of the Simcha Ballroom Villa and see how you can turn your upcoming Simcha into one that will be memorable and exceptional, and set a whole new paradigm for your friends and family. 

      Extra amenities


      Indoor Amenities

      • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
      • Washer/Dryer
      • Iron/Board
      • Linens and Towels
      • Hair Dryer
      • Seforim and Siddurim
      • Shabbos Needs (tablecloth, tea lights,havdala sets, bechers,etc)
      • Pack and Play
      • HIgh Chair
      • Ground Floor
      • NO TV

      Area Amenities

      • Eiruv
      • Quick Walk to Shuls and Kollel
      • Playground/Park

      Kitchen Amenities

      • Kosher Kitchen (Chezkas Kashrus)
      • Keurig Style Coffee Maker
      • Shabbos Urn
      • Hot Plate (Electric Plata)
      • Crock Pot
      • Full Sized Refrigerator/Freezer
      • Stove/Oven
      • Microwave
      • Dishwasher
      • Eat In Kitchen

      • Kosher Kitchen
      • Glatt Kosher
      • Kosher Passover Kitchen
      • Succa

      Religious information
      • Eiruv
      • Quick Walk to Shuls and Kollel

      Dates and Information

      • Purim
      • Ski & snow
      • Shavuoth
      • Sukkot
      • Summer
      • Winter
      • Pesach
      • All year round
      • Other


      Starts from: USD 750/day

      From $750 /night (plus applicable fees)

      Kosher Lakewood Township

      Florida Kosher Villas
      Florida Kosher, Villas
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