Camp Modin
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Camp Modin

Situated In The Pristine Wilderness & Beautiful Lakes Region

Belgrade, United States

Date created: 15 April '19

Last updated: 17 April '19

At a glance

  • Age range: 7-16
  • Caters to: Non-religous, Modern orthodox
  • Kosher level: basic
  • Kosher Authority: All food products are Hechshered
  • Max. camp capacity: 425
  • Year Established: 1922

General information

Oldest Jewish Summer Camp In New England, Situated In The Pristine Wilderness Of Maine's Beautiful Belgrade Lakes Region. American Camp Association Accredited And Strictly Kosher.

Since its inception in 1922, Camp Modin has pursued an ideal. This ideal began as a desire to provide children not merely with a recreational experience, but a summer that would contribute meaningfully to the balanced development of a child. The gifted and devoted educators who founded Camp Modin applied the best of what was thought and known about helping young people to grow, and established a nurturing community on a pristine lake in the woods of Maine.

So it is today, that we have brought forward these goals and made them the cornerstones of our philosophy and the heart of the Modin program. Our goals are to know and understand each child individually, build a sense of community, and provide an awareness of Jewish identity. Our mission: to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment in which children can learn, grow and develop lifelong friendships.

800-93-MODIN | 212-570-1600


Howard & Lisa Salzberg, Executive Directors |

Samara Lender, Director



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      All cabins at Modin are spacious and modern. The average building is only a few years old and all facilities are well maintained. Cabins feature showers, toilets and sinks with hot & cold water. All beds are modern, twin size wooden structures and the mattresses fit twin-size sheets. On average, there are two bunks per age with twelve children and four counselors.

          Kosher information
          Kosher Authority: All food products are Hechshered
          Kosher Type: Entire property
          Food and dining

          Meals at Modin are served family style, affording campers the opportunity to further connect as bunkmates. Our Kosher dining facilities offer an extensive range of healthy options and choices for a variety of tastes and palates. We are able to accommodate many allergy restrictions including gluten free diets and nut allergies. During the week we eat in our dining hall in three shifts, either by age or gender. On Friday evening our community eats together for Shabbat in our spacious Rec Center. Throughout the summer our community also enjoys full camp outdoor cookouts.


          The wide range of choices, and the well-kept facilities offer Modin campers the opportunity to hone their skills. Campers receive intensive instruction in a wide variety of athletics, water sports, creative and performing arts and wilderness adventure programs.

          Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cheer Leading, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Karate, Kickboxing, Lacrosse, Riflery, Soccer, Tennis, Trapeze, Yoga/Pilates

          WATER SPORTS
          Aqua Park (over 50 elements), Canoeing, Fishing, Flyboarding, Kayaking, Kneeboarding, Paddle Boarding, Swimming, Sailing, Tubing, Waterskiing (4 tournament boats), Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing,

          Mountain Climbing, Nature & Animal Care, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Ropes Course & Tower, Trips (Overnight & Day)

          Arts & Crafts, Ceramics & Pottery, Computer Coding, Dance, DJ & Radio Broadcasting, Drums, Guitar, Lighting Design, Musical Theatre, Photography, Rocketry, Set Design, STEM, Video Editing & Filmmaking.

          Color War, Intercamp Sports, Judaic Programs, Theme Nights, Bunk Nights, Community Service (Tikkun Olam), Color Way Off Camp Trips, including: Beach, Amusement Parks, Baseball Games, Trampoline Parks, Ice Cream & Mini Golf, Cinema, Bowling, Harbor Cruises, Teen Trips & Leadership Training

          Golf, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Horseback Riding

          Through guidance, encouragement, and healthy competition, children are carefully exposed to a whole variety of opportunities and new challenges. At Modin, there is no pressure to choose only those activities with which a child is familiar or proficient in. Modin teaches that success is not measured solely by the outcome, but by effort, determination, open-mindedness, and the willingness to try.

          Throughout the summer, a child's progress is carefully monitored. Our goal is to ensure that each camper's schedule comprises a well-balanced selection of activities to ensure personal growth, skill development, and a sense of achievement.

          Weekday mornings, children participate in scheduled bunk activities; afternoons find them engaged in our "free-choice" electives; each day they make new selections and pursue a uniquely tailored program designed around their individual interests. 

          Our mission to build a strong community for our children is not ours alone. It is our Jewish heritage that is the source of the communal values we seek to instill in every child. Specifically, what does this mean at Modin? Ours is a pluralistic community, following a Conservative model within Judaism. Our families come for a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, beliefs and levels of observance. Many children attend Jewish Day Schools while others attend secular ones. Some children have a limited Jewish education and others a great deal more. All are welcome at Modin.

          The Jewish experience at Modin is woven into all aspects of camp life. Our kitchen and canteen are strictly kosher, and a blessing begins and ends each meal. Many children spend time working with our Judaic director on their Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies. Campers connect to their Jewish heritage through art, music and a variety of Jewish programs. Associating with adults who find profound personal meaning in their own Jewish values further enriches their Jewish experience. 

          Great emphasis is placed on instilling Jewish ethics and values in our campers. This is accomplished through community service projects (Tikkun Olam), teen mentoring programs and group discussions that stress the importance of responsibility and treating each other with respect. The time we devote at Modin to Jewish awareness and activity is another way of understanding the joys and responsibilities of being a member of a community.

          There is a spirit (ruach) felt every day at Modin, but none more so than on Shabbat. Friday afternoon is a particularly moving time at camp when our community comes together to welcome Shabbat through song and prayer. Each week a different group of campers assists our Judaic director in leading services on our beautiful Bima overlooking majestic Salmon Lake. After services our community comes together in our expansive recreation center to enjoy a fantastic Shabbat meal full of food, friendship and freshly baked challahs! As the meal ends the singing begins and the walls reverberate with Jewish music.

          Saturday morning Shabbat services are led by our Judaic director and assisted by volunteers from all age groups. The service includes both a traditional Torah service as well as a camp-wide discussion related to the parsha of the week or an appropriately themed topic such as Israel or social justice. The remainder of Shabbat includes a memorable full camp afternoon program, followed by a general swim, evening activity and finally a moving Havdalah service. Shabbat at Modin is truly magical. It provides a sense of comfort, friendship and community—the heart of the Modin experience.

          Our 200+ staff play a fundamental role in the Modin community, and are essential to achieving the goals underlying our philosophy. Each summer, we gather a group of dedicated individuals who's main objective is to make a positive and memorable contribution to the lives of children.

          Staff members are professional educators and mature college students who distinguish themselves through individual accomplishment, and by their love and compassion for children. The Modin team returns year after year, many coming up through the ranks as former Modin campers.

          Our counselors are carefully chosen, highly trained individuals with a wealth of camping and teaching experience. Our staff are mature—typically university-aged and beyond—making them well suited for dealing with the needs of children and young adults.

          Virtually all general counselors and specialty staff live in the cabins with the campers. Thus there is always someone available to supervise, guide and care for the children. Our staff undergo an extensive training program prior to the start of each season and we work closely with them at all times.

          Dates and Information

          • Summer

          FULL SEASON: June 26 - August 14
          JULY SESSION: June 26 - July 21
          AUGUST SESSION: July 22 - August 14


          FULL SEASON 


          A variety of discounts and credits are available for new families.  
          Contact us for details and pricing.

          Kosher Belgrade

          CAMP MODIN
          Howard & Lisa Salzberg


          Howard & Lisa Salzberg are the full-time owners and executive directors of Camp Modin. Howard joined the Modin family in 1981 and spent seven wonderful years as a camper. He returned to Modin as a counselor, head counselor and eventually as the camp's assistant director. In 1991 Howard became the full time director of Camp Modin and he purchased the camp the following year. Howard's family was part of the first Modin enrollment class in 1922. Lisa joined Modin in 1991, where she first met — and later married — Howard. She first joined the Modin community as a counselor, then as a head counselor, assistant director and finally director. Her background is in elementary education and she has taught first, fourth and fifth graders. Lisa and Howard are the proud parents of a boy named Jack, now enjoying his own Modin experience. In addition to Camp Modin, Howard and Lisa serve as founding members of the Board of Trustees of the Shefa School—a new Jewish community day school in Manhattan that serves children who need a specialized educational environment in order to develop their strengths while addressing their learning challenges.


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