Camp Lemala
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Camp Lemala

Above & Beyond

Tunkhannock, United States

Date created: 10 March '22

Last updated: 13 October '22

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  • Age range: 4th till 9th
  • Caters to: Mehadrin
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          When applying for any position in camp, and especially as a counselor, you are essentially applying for a job as a Learning Rebbe as well.  Although you are not actually teaching our campers in a classic classroom setting, the campers are learning from you every moment.  The way you act, daven, eat, even how you referee a basketball game or cheer for your bunk; your every action is being subconsciously watched and absorbed by dozens of children and at that moment, and hundreds of moments like it throughout the summer, you are their Rebbe and mentor. 

          If you join us you will have a great time and enjoy yourself, while having a major impact on the future of Klal Yisroel.  

          Dates and Information

          • Summer
          Kosher Tunkhannock

          CAMP LEMALA


          With more than two decades of camping under his belt and a wealth of hands-on classroom experience as a 7th grade Rebbe at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Rabbi Spiegel refused to let the pandemic deprive his talmidim of their much needed summer vacation.

          His vision for camp is a place where middos, learning, Hashkafa, sports, fun and Ruach come together. This was realized so successfully that parents and campers clamored for more. Camp Le'mala will be even bigger and better in 2022: a truly memorable program enhanced by a markedly improved campus. 


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          GPS Address:

           156 Eihab Lane
          Falls, PA , 18615


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