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Uniondale, United States

Date created: 31 March 22

Last updated: 5 April 23

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  • Service type: Kosher store
  • Address: 630 Old Country Road Garden City, New York 11530
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    General information

    We are a Slush and Soft Serve Italian Ice Shop under strict KOSHER supervision. Stop by to say hey and choose from our delectable selection of Frozen Slush and Italian Ice! Our delicious frozen treats are served in 3 unique cups that can be topped from our vast Candy and Fruit Bar!

    Feeling Healthy? We also offer a customizable fruit bowl station that has some delicious add ons. But that's not all, we will also be selling hot pretzels, fresh hot cookies, churros and more! See you there! 

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    שעה (ות
    יום שני 11:00-20:30
    שלישי 11:00-20:30
    רביעי 11:00-20:30
    חמישי 11:00-20:30
    שישי 11:00-21:30
    שבת 11:00-21:30
    יום ראשון 11:00-19:30

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      Kosher information
      Kosher Type:
      Food and Dining

      Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman / National Kosher Supervision

      About us

      Kosher Uniondale



      Think you know slush? Prepare for your perceptions to be challenged with slush that is a far cry from what you’ll find at your local 7-11. In November of 2021, co-owners Mordechai Kamenetsky and Yonatan Prigan opened Slshology in the Roosevelt Field Mall. These culinary school grads saw a need for kosher food options at the mall, and boy did they ever fill it! The daiquiri business is popular and lucrative among the secular crowd, particularly in Vegas, but there was nothing like it on the kosher market until now.

      Slshology isn’t just a shop; it’s an experience. The walls were designed by Bijou Covering, using pop-culture icons. Bart Simpson does graffiti spelling out Slshology near a picture of Mt. Slushmore, while the classic farmer and his wife look on disapprovingly. There’s music, comfy couches, and neon pop-up signs, perfect for Instagram. People come in and take pictures against the wall. They can also come to play games. Slshology offers Connect 4 and Giant Jenga. It’s all about making sure the customer has a good time. Kamenetsky and Prigan don’t charge extra for condiments and won’t give you the stink eye for taste testing every flavor.

      Speaking of flavors, Slshology boasts a wide variety of flavors. Forget blue and red, welcome flavors like jolly rancher lemonade, popular due to its sweet and sour contrast, piña colada that tastes like a tropical vacation in your mouth, and the refreshing and natural strawberry mango. The slush isn’t syrupy, and the fruity flavors are made from real fruit. The lime has actual lime juice; puréed strawberry and mango go into the strawberry mango slush. This isn’t some chemical concoction, but an experience that Kamenetsky and Prigan spent time, effort, and their collective culinary training curating. They’ve sampled and experimented. If it wasn’t delicious, it didn’t go on the menu.

      While slush is the main attraction, it isn’t the only fare Slshology offers. Growing up kosher, the owners appreciate the temptations the mall offers and how difficult it is to smell the smells without being able to taste any of the non-kosher delicacies sold there. They have soft pretzels, churros in various flavors (including Oreo!), brownies, and warm cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, etc.). The slush, meanwhile, comes in a variety of sizes with options of candy and fruit toppings. If you get a fishbowl, which is 44 ounces of slush, they’ll top it with candy on the house.

      Coming in January, Slshology will be offering a catering service. They show up with their machines and a candy bar; what a unique experience to provide to wedding guests or at a bar mitzvah. Also, if the event is at a private residence, and the host has alcohol on the premises, they can mix up some alcoholic slush. Imagine the possibilities!

      Slshology isn’t what you’d expect, and that’s the fun. It’s the science of slush, which is so much more than we ever knew. Slshology is here to show us how cool it is when it’s all abo


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